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Resident Rooms

We offer a variety of different room styles and accommodations to meet the individual needs of our residents.  The rooms and living units have been recently renovated.

Our facility provides free Wi-Fi to our residents. Basic cable is available in the resident rooms and premium packages are available through our local service provider.

Day and Dining Areas

Residents enjoying patio

Residents Enjoying the Patio

Each of the facility’s living units has a day room designed to accommodate the needs of the residents in the neighborhood:

The Rehab and Hospice unit has a large combination day/dining room with a television and karaoke system.  It also has an electronic piano that can be used for entertainment or worship services.

The main floor has a family room with a living room design.  This space an excellent area for residents to visit with their loved ones.  It is also commonly used to allow families to spend the last hours, in a private space, with a resident who is at the end of their journey.

The main floor also has a home-like dining room with a family sized oak table and plenty of space to set up a “kid’s table” for special family events.

Adjacent to the main floor nurses station is “Coffee Time”. This area has a kitchen table and chairs and is a common place for our ladies and gentlemen to check out the daily papers, catch up on the neighborhood gossip or just aggravate the nurses… Oh, and coffee is available here 24 hours a day.

The skilled nursing unit on the second floor of the facility has a lunch counter.  This corner of the neighborhood has a nutrition station. Residents enjoy coffee, soda and other beverages and snacks.  Residents hang out on the corner to chat with all those who get off the elevator. The area is also used for small gatherings and individual activities, and a whole lot of socializing.

Memory care, located on the third floor, has a dining and day room that is utilized by the dementia attendant for individual and small group activities, and redirection for residents with cognitive impairment who wander.  Memory care also has “The Sun Room” which is a small day room located adjacent to the nurses station.  This room is painted bright yellow and has large windows, natural plants and comfortable furniture.  Residents like to hang out and nap in this area.

The ground floor features a “get away” for residents.  The room has recessed lighting, a flat screen, couch and love seat, popcorn and snow cone machines, a desktop computer and a kitchenette.  This space is located adjacent to the reception desk and lobby and allows for residents to “get away” for a while.  The quiet space is not intended for group activities; it is for individual residents to have some alone time.  Residents use the table as a space to work on crafts or puzzles, watch movies or engage in any other solitary activity.

Each of the neighborhoods has a kitchenette stocked with snacks.  Ice-cream, fruit, cookies, and other treats are readily available for the residents in each unit.  One of our most significant features in each unit is the juice station located in the main dining area.  While a juice machine is not the most attractive of furnishings it serves an invaluable purpose.  Residents and staff have easy access to healthy beverages.  Following installation of the beverage stations, Somerwoods had a noticeable decline in urinary tract infections.



Our facility provides and encourages our residents to actively participate in activities functions such as games, music, religious services as desired, and entertainment. This encourages puzzle 2socialization and a sense of community for our residents.

Our Activity Programming is varied for the different mentaltie dye and physical capabilities of our residents.  We have a men’s group that works on little woodworking projects. We have done tie dying of T-shirts with some of the higher functioning ladies, while some of our more impaired residents were working puzzles, playing games such as bowling or corn-bag toss. Our resident love to have lively music playing during these activities. Many of our activities and even some of our rehab programs take place out of doors when the weather permits.


tiedye t

The Final Tie-dyed Result

garden club

The Garden Club working in our raised beds


Fishing Trip to Pay Lake


Cornhole Toss

ballooon 2

Balloon Release for National Nursing Home Week Celebrations