Somerwoods Nursing and Rehabiltiation Center

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easter eggs and flowersOur facility holds a community wide Easter Egg Hunt. We entertain hundreds of guests on the grounds. Hunting for  eggs is an example intergenerational programming for the patients and the visitors. It is also a whole lot of fun!


fall fest basketOur Fall Festival is a community wide event held at Somerwoods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Again, we entertain hundreds of people: residents, staff and guests. We are pleased that our local public officials participate in support of our facility. This event is our primary Resident Council Fundraising effort and they have successfully  raised cream piefrom three to five thousand dollars. The past few years, the Mayor, Judge Executive, Sheriff and Administrator have participated in a Pie-in-the-Face auction.


christmas 2-26 2Somerwoods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has an annual Holiday Open House between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The residents welcome their friends, family and members of our community into their home to enjoy seasonal refreshments and entertainment.