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Enhancing Quality of Life

In June, 2012, the Director of Nursing (DON) and our QI Nurse identified a focus goal for the QI Program: A facility wide reduction of anti-psychotic medications by year end.  A committee was formed including the DON, QI Nurse, Assistant DON’s, Social Services Staff, Pharmacist and Psychiatric Attending Physician.  The team reviewed all sixty residents receiving anti-psychotic medications and developed a plan to titrate appropriate medications and implement non-drug interventions in order to improve our resident’s quality of life.

The nursing staff implemented the plan by obtaining physician’s orders to titrate the medication and then closely monitored the residents. The managers followed the progress of this plan over several months. From July to September the facility eliminated anti-psychotic medications for thirteen of the original sixty patients.  This was a twenty percent reduction for residents receiving anti-psychotic medications and a seven and a half percent reduction for total census.

Pleased with the success of this program it was decided to continue it, implementing reductions for new residents receiving anti-psychotic medications as appropriate.